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Recommended Service Providers (Password Protected)

The list of Recommended Service Providers is password protected and the password is provided only to members of the Neighborhood Association. This list is updated throughout the year. If you are a member and do not remember the password, click HERE to request that the password be emailed to you.

To recommend a service provider, file a complaint against an existing service provider, or change/delete a recommendation that was submitted earlier, fill out the online form on the CONTACT US page ... or click HERE. Be sure to include comments to further explain the recommendation, change, or complaint.

Adobe Acrobat READER 6.0 or newer is required to view this pdf due to the encryption security. If you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download a newer Acrobat Reader (FREE) from the www.adobe.com website.

How to Perform a Search

First open the pdf by clicking on the image of the Recommended Service Providers document (see below) and enter the required password. To perform a search, click on EDIT in the menu bar and select FIND; then key-in the desired search word(s).

New Resident Packet

Whether you are new to the neighborhood or are thinking about relocating to this area, information in this "new resident packet" will help to introduce you to Whiffletree I-IV. By clicking on the image of the New Resident Packet (below), you will be able to view the contents, download and/or print this information for future reference.