About Whiffletree I-IV Neighborhood Association (WNA)

There are numerous Whiffletree neighborhoods in Plano, Texas. However, the Whiffletree I-IV Neighborhood Association (WNA) is a residential subdivision comprised of 459 homes and is located near Buckhorn Park and Wells Elementary School, which is between Coit Road and Independence Pkwy; South of Spring Creek Pkwy and North of Parker Road.

Any resident of the Whiffletree I-IV neighborhood can become a member of the Neighborhood Association. It doesn't matter if you are renting or if you own your home. We welcome all residents. Neighborhood Association membership dues are only $15 per year per household and the benefits of membership are numerous.

Besides adding to the quality of life for the residents of WNA, a strong and active neighborhood association helps to ensure an awareness of issues which may affect our property values and safety. We hope you will join us in keeping WNA one of the very best neighborhoods in Plano. We also want to formally welcome all new residents and hope each of you finds caring neighbors and a friendly atmosphere that add so much to the quality of life here in Whiffletree I-IV.

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We are permitted to water a maximum of twice per week.
  • Even addresses can water on Mondays and Thursdays only
  • Odd addresses can water on Tuesdays and Fridays only
  • It is best NOT to water during the hours of 10AM and 6PM as these are the hottest hours of the day
Visit www.plano.gov/outdoorwateruse for more ways to save water outdoors. Click on the calendar (above) for additional details.

Upcoming Events

Aug 26 Neighborhood Potluck/Pool Party (6PM - 10PM)

Mark your calendars for a potluck/pool party, Aug. 26 beginning at 6PM. This will be at the home of Barbara Piram-Smith (3508 Fredmar Lane). Details being finalized.

Sep 9 New Resident Reception

Details being finalized.

Oct 10 National Night Out

Details being finalized.

Dec 2 Adult Christmas Party

Details being finalized.

Feb 16 Block Captain's Meeting/Social ... date is tentative

Details being finalized.

Mar 25 Easter Egg Hunt

Details being finalized.

Apr 28 Neighborhood Garage Sale

Details being finalized.

Regularly Scheduled Events

  • LADIES BUNKO (7:30 PM, 2nd or 3rd Mondays of each month)
  • POKEENO (7:15 PM, 1st Tuesday of each month)

WNA Leadership

The 2016 WNA Leadership includes:
  • President: Peter Krause
  • VP of Activities: Pete VanLeuvan
  • VP Membership: Terry Reilly
  • Secretary: Frank Camp
  • Treasurer: Brian Eckeberger
  • Zone 1 Director: Debbie Crenshaw
  • Zone 2 Director: Donna Morrow
  • Zone 3 Director: Dave Ogden
  • Zone 4 Director: Barbara Piram Smith
  • Zone 5 Director: Paulette Wright
  • Zone 6 Director: Johnnye Allen
  • Zone 7 Director: Sharlene Snyder
  • Crime Watch: Brian Eckeberger
  • Yard-of-the-Month: Tammy Tallent
  • Website and Directory Editor:
    Connie Kouba

Bylaws and Covenants

For all current and potential residents of WNA, a copy of the organization's BYLAWS and Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions can be viewed by clicking on the following links.