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Any resident of the Whiffletree I-IV neighborhood can become a member of the Neighborhood Association. It doesn't matter if you are renting or if you own your home. Neighborhood Association membership dues are only $15 per year per household and the benefits of membership are numerous. For example ...

An easy way to meet new friends and neighbors is to get involved in one of the many activities. Learn more ...
The annual directory contains lots of great information. It even contains a list of Recommended Service Providers ... similar to Angie's list. Learn more ...
A couple of times during the year, our neighborhood newsletter gets published. Click HERE to view some of our past issues of the newsletters.
To submit information for the annual directory or to become a member of the Whiffletree Neighborhood Association, simply fillout the membership form. Learn more ...


Options Available for Membership

View or Print PAPER COPY of Membership Form

To view or print out a copy of the membership form which can be filled out and mailed, then click on the following button.

Fill Out Membership Form Online (WITHOUT Paying Dues)

Membership information appears in the Neighborhood Directory and can be entered now by clicking on the following button. Whether you are new to the neighborhood or information regarding your household has changed, this allows an easy method of submitting the membership information at any time throughout the year.

Pay Dues Only (Without Filling Out Membership Form)

If your membership information has not changed and you just want to pay the annual Membership dues of $15 per year, then clicking on the following button will allow payment to be submitted using either a Credit Card or PayPal.

Fill Out Membership Form Now AND Pay Dues

Membership information appears in the Neighborhood Directory and can be entered now by clicking on the button that appears below. Whether you are submitting information for the first time or you want to submit updates to information that was previously submitted, this allows a quick and easy method of accomplishing this task. Membership dues of $15 per year can be paid online using either a Credit Card or PayPal.

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Membership Benefits

Annual Neighborhood Directory

Each year, we publish an Annual Neighborhood Directory, which contains lots of great information. Copies of this directory get distributed to all members of the Neighborhood Association. Not only do we include a list residents by address, but we also include a list that appears in name sequence. And then there is the popular "services offered by kids," which includes babysitting, pet sitting, house sitting, and lawn mowing... and lots more. Here is a quick recap of the types of information contained in the Annual Directory:

Contents of the Annual DirectorydirectorySM

  • List of schools in the neighborhood
  • Leadership report, identifying the Board of Directors members, Zone Directors, Contacts for the various activities, and Block Captain list
  • Services offered by children (appears in Street sequence as well as in Name sequence)
  • List of residents (in Name sequence as well as in Street sequence)
  • List of neighborhood Interests and Activities; includes contact information for each of the residents who expressed interest in these items. This allows residents with similar interests to easily contact others with similar interests.
  • The Emergency Early Warning System is explained. Each week a test is performed by the City of Plano. Details are included which identify the various types of sirens, and what to do when you hear a warning siren.
  • Information is also contained regarding:
    • Our Crime Watch program
    • What to do if you become a victim of Identity Theft
    • The Plano Recycling program
    • How to stop unwanted door-to-door Solicitations
  • The very popular list of Recommended Service Providers (similar to Angie's List, but includes only local providers)
  • Advertisements ... if you are interested in running an ad in either our newsletters or Annual Directory, please fill in the CONTACT US form that appears on our website. Cost ranges from $20 for a business card size ad, up to $160 for a full-page ad.
  • City of Plano Convenience Directory ... lets you know which number to call when you need to contact the City of Plano
  • Street map of our neighborhood

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Neighborhood Activities

The following list represents some of the most popular neighborhood activities.

  • Babysitting Co-op
    Families with children of similar age often take turns sitting with each other's children. This is what the Babysitting Co-op is all about. One way to determine which families are interested in this is to reference the "Neighborhood Interests/Activities" list which appears in the Annual Directory. Feel free to contact each other.
  • Block Captain - Major roles:
    Delivering the Annual Directory to homes on your street who have paid the annual neighborhood association membership fee. Greeting new neighbors who move into homes on your street, and providing them with a "new resident packet."
    The packets for new residents can be picked up from your Zone Director or from the membership chairperson.
  • Book Club
    The book club consists of local residents (not limited to the Whiffletree I-IV and Parkway Estates residents). Anyone who would like to participate is welcome. The club meets on Sunday afternoons at Cafe Express in Addison.
  • bridge
  • Bridge
    The ladies bridge group meets the second Thursday of each month. As one person stated, "this is a casual group with lots of chatter!" Participants include residents from both neighborhoods (Whiffletree I-IV and Parkway Estates).
  • Bunko
    Bunko is quite easy to learn so it is basically a get-together to socialize. (You don't need to know how to play Bunko to participate since you will learn this quickly). In addition to regular members, substitutes are also needed.
  • Children's Play Group
    Just like the Babysitting Co-op, the best way to find other families in the neighborhood who are interested in getting together occasionally as part of a children's play group is to reference the "Neighborhood Interests/Activities list" which appears in the Annual Directory.
  • waiter
  • Dining Out Group ... "About Town with Dining Out"
    Whether you are a foodie, a gourmand, want to try new restaurants, or want to recommend restaurants to others and be there with them as they congratulate your good taste and astute judgment, the newly forming Dining-Out group is for you. The Dining Out Club is designed to help you explore local (defined as near Plano) eateries with your friends and neighbors (not limited to Parkway Estates and Whiffletree). If you enjoy good food and great conversation, this club has exactly what you are looking for. The Dining Out Club meets once a month, January-October. Each event is announced in an email distribution. There is no charge to become a member of this club, simply request to be added to the Dining Out Club distribution and you will begin to receive invitations. You make the decision if the current month's restaurant menu meets your taste and budget. If you want to attend the club event, just respond to the email invitation and the club coordinator will make your reservation. You will remain on the distribution/invitation to club events until you request to be removed.
  • Egg Co-op
    If you like fresh farm eggs, then you may enjoy participating in the Egg Co-op. Each month between the first and fifth of the month, a different member of this group becomes the "coordinator" and calls other egg co-op members to get their egg order for the month. The coordinator then advises each member of the pick-up time and location. The monthly coordinator then goes to the Mehard Egg Farm in Prosper to pickup the eggs for all members. Each member who gave an "egg order" to the monthly coordinator goes to the coordinator's home to pickup "their" order of fresh eggs.
  • Garage Sale
    The neighborhood garage sale is very popular and is usually held in the Spring. The neighborhood association takes care of all advertising. Each resident holds their own garage sale and keeps all of the money from items sold (you just don't have to mess with the advertising ... plus neighborhood garage sales have a tendency to attract a large number of shoppers and also reduces the number of garage sales held in the neighborhood at other times during the year). Only members of the neighborhood association will be notified of the date and time of this event.
  • Gourmet Club
    If you enjoy cooking, then you may enjoy participating in the Gourmet Club which meets monthly beginning in October; substitutes are also needed. Participation is open to residents from both neighborhoods (Whiffletree I-IV and Parkway Estates).
  • Po-Ke-No (Ladies)
    Ladies, an opportunity for a night out. Let's play PO-KE-NO. It's like playing bingo with the thrill of Poker and the suspense of Keno. Players attempt to cover five spaces in a row on their board as cards are called out. All you have to do is bring a $6 item in a brown paper bag. These prizes are won and "stolen" throughout the evening. We meet on the first Tuesday of the month.
  • Poker - Penny Ante (Men)
    We are hoping to form a new low-stakes poker group for the men in our association.
  • poker
  • Poker
    If you enjoy playing poker, you will definitely enjoy this group which is comprised of Whiffletree I-IV and Parkway Estates residents.
  • Potlucks
    Neighborhood potlucks are held whenever a resident wants to host one. It's fun and easy to host a potluck since you simply select a date and contact the Activities VP so the rest of the neighborhood can be informed of the planned date and time. Attendees bring a scrumptious dish with them and we all get to mingle with friends and neighbors while enjoying great food. The host normally provides a potluck dish, soft drinks, and has name tags available. This is a GREAT way to meet others ... casual setting, lots of food, no cost to attend.
  • ebunny
  • Walk for Exercise Group
    Anyone who enjoys walking for exercise and who would enjoy walking with someone rather than alone, will enjoy this activity. A list of others interested in this appears in the Annual Directory so you may want to find someone who lives close by and give them a call to see if they would like to walk on a regular basis (you would determine the days and time), as well as the number of people you would like to walk with. It is so much easier to squeeze in time for exercise if you have someone who will be joining you in this endeavor ... enjoy!
  • Family-Friendly Events
    The annual Easter Egg hunt is always a huge attraction. Normally this is held at Buckhorn Park, which is next to Well's Elementary School. Mr. E. Bunny normally attends, allowing the children to have their picture taken with this celebrity.
  • Yard-of-the-Month
    Each month (April through December), one WNA member is selected as the Yard-of-the-Month winner. A gift certificate from Calloway's Nursery is awarded.

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